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Use creativity to design strategy

and solve business challenges.

Everyone in the world is creative, let's unleash this creativity for business purposes. 

    Why and what    

The world is becoming more complex and consumers have different expectations regarding products and services. Success of your business also depends on many more aspects than before and any business opportunity or challenge has to be looked at from different perspectives.
Design thinking helps to spot opportunities and solve challenges in this more complex world. By putting your clients first and using a human centered approach, you will grow your business and find better solutions to your challenges.


By focusing on real people and unleashing the creativity

within your company, your business will grow.

All our services can be provided online, offline or a mix of both.


I believe that everybody is creative. However, when talking to people, I noticed that not everybody perceives him/herself to be so. That is the reason I quit my job at Google to start Creative by Design. I want everybody to discover their own creativity.
Because we all are Creative, by design.
Unleashing this creativity within organizations will not only help to find wonderful solutions to wicked problems. It will also motivate people and increase their entrepreneurial mindset. They will enjoy anything they do even more and take ownership. In their work life, but also in their daily life. 
And what's even better, by doing this with a human-centered approach, the organization will ensure that all ideas and solutions will matter to their customers. New ideas can be developed and old problems can be solved.


"I wished we could work like this every day."

-- Product manager insurance company -- 

"It felt a bit uncomfortable at times and I had never expected this result. What an experience and what a great result."

-- CMO automotive company --

"It was a great day and, above all, very useful to develop this vision with my team. Working together we can really achieve our goals."

-- Founder start-up in health care industry --


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For more information, please contact me:

Tel.: +31 6 2113 1293


Thanks! I'll respond super quickly!

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