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Design business strategy
Design and implement a business, business strategy, vision or concept with a human-centered approach.
We can work online and/or offline.

Tailored project or workshop to develop an innovative culture and implement business strategy or vision. The projects are developed based on Design Thinking principles. Depending on the ask, different tools and modules will be used.


We can also develop a Design Thinking program to anchor human-centered thinking in the organization and prepare the entire organization for the future.

Examples of challenges for this workshop:

- We want to create an atmosphere of innovation

- We heard about innovation labs, we want one!

- We need a vision!

- We need to develop a new strategy

- We have defined a strategy, how can we implement it?

- What do our customers want?

- We have to be prepared for the future

- We have to prepare our employees to the future

- We want our employees to re-invent themselves

- Our different departments do not work together

There are many more challenges that can be addressed with a design thinking approach, please contact me to discuss what you would need.

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